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"I don't know dude, this place is pretty weird." Sam said as he swung the computer around to show Dean, who was hoving the rest of his burger into his mouth.
"Middle of nowhere in the desert. Floating lights above an Arby's, a house that doesn't exist."Dean scrolled,"All of this could be faked. Wait is that a pteridactyl? Nah, this is fake."

Sam sighed and leaned back in the booth of the diner,"Carlos wouldn't lie about all of this. He sticks to facts, and if there is somethig that he thinks we need to look into, we need to look into it."

Dean looked skeptically at his brother before he sighed in defeat,"Fine. You better not be lying about this place."

"Now traffic. There is a lone car racing down the highway. A black car. No that's the wrong car, think again. There are two passengers. They are confused. They stare at the radio as a voice tells them what they are doing. The driver considers turning back. He doesn't. The passenger fiddles with the radio, all stations are static except one. The one that is not short gives up. Just like we all give up in the end. This has been traffic." Cecil crooned into his microphone before he adjusted his headphones."That same car is headed for us, Night Vale. I wonder what its passengers want with us here? Who knows, Night Vale, who knows. So lets prepare our best mob to greet them. That would be the best thing to do, wouldn't it?" He mused aloud," Back to the news. Night Vale community college is holding its annual "sacrifice something you love to be spared by the void" event. Be sure to attend. Or else."
Paper rustled as he reached for a newly placed notice,"Ooh! Perfect Carlos has sent a notice for me to read over the air. Lets see. He says that we should not form a mob to greet the new comers, and that they are here to help him. It doesn't say with what.. I wonder are they scientists, too? They don't look  oh well."

"Dude.. That was creepy.. maybe your Carlos is on to something here."Dean admited with a perturbed look.
Sam shruged," I think that's part of the reason he called us out here."Sam said as Dean pulls into the parking lot of Big Rico's Pizza.
Sam swung out and closed the door behind him and walked towards the figure leaning against a wall by the door with Dean close behind.
"Perfect Carlos? Really?" Sam laughed out as Carlos flusteredly tried to explain," No its fine. Explain later." " Now what exactly are we here for?" Dean cut in.
Sam rolled his eyes,"This is my brother, Dean."
Carlos nodded,"There has been several questionable occurrences in this town. Notably the glowing cloud that rains animal carcasses."
Both the brothers looked perturbed. "That's weird.. what about that radio host?" Sam asked.
"Don't worry about him." Carlos said quickly causing Sam to rais an eyebrow.
"Why not?" Dean asked curiously.
"Uh.. um just don't. Hes good." Carlos mumbled his face red.

"Who's good, Carlos?" Cecil walked up wearing a pair of leather pants and a NVCR t-shirt.
As Sam and Dean turned to see who the voice belonged Carlos sighed,"This is Cecil, Cecil this is Sam and Dean." He gestured to each in turn.
Cecil smiled," Nice to meet you. I've heard a little about you from Josie's tall friends."
Dean raised an eyebrow and turned to Carlos for clarification.
"Angels."He whispered.
"Mhm.. and what have they said?" Sam asked.
"Oh the usual, one will end the world the other Will save it. And one just disagrees with them. You both will save the world. Common apocalypse nonsense." Cecil waved a hand.
"Okaaay.." Sam turns and gives Carlos a look, who in turn just shrugs.
"Can you take us there?" Dean asks stepping towards the blonde.
Cecil shrugs," I don't see why not. She lives out by the car lot. I think you passed it on your way in."
Dean nodded and slid back into the impala."Sorry gotta follow him to make sure he doesn't do something stupid." Sam shouted back as he started after his brother and jumped into the passenger side just as Dean starts to pull away.
"They're a strange pair, don't you think Carlos?" Cecil inquired.
Carlos nodded, We should follow them before they mess up." He said before climning into his coupe with Cecil right behind him.
When the Winchester's pulled up Cecil and Carlos were already there waiting and talking to an old lady.
Sam and Dean approached and the three turned their attention to the boys.
"Hello, boys. I'm Josie. There is someone in my back garden who wants to talk to you. Go ahead and go back there ill bring some tea later." The woman smiled and waved them away and goes back to her and Cecils conversation about bowling.
Dean opens the gate to the back garden to reveal Castiel crouching and tending to the flowers.
"Cas? What are you doing here?" Dean asked confused.
Cas stands with a smile,"I was just taking a break from the outside world with my old friend Josie."
"Mhm.. right. We have a lot of catching up to do now, don't we?" Dean said with a sigh.
Castiel nods,"That we do."
Welcome To Night Vale, boys.
I'm not dead!
Here's a little oneshot fic.
So I was just calmly looking for destiel fanfictions and this one popped up.

Okay this should be fun.

I was wrong.

So wrong.

Im in tears.

Cas died on a Thursday.

It was sunny.

Late afternoon.

Beautiful California weather.

Fuck you fanfiction.

Im dead.
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